Special exhibition insite out, Middelburg

Special exhibition insite out, Middelburg

Bugs Marie-Louise Fijneman

Because of Covid19 the Kunst- en Cultuurroute adapted the routeprogram for the coming sundays. In this special period the Kunst- en Cultuurroute will reach out from the insite. At a lot of studios and galeries you can safely become acquainted with various artworks and its maker through the window. Walk the route and follow the special Kunst- en Cultuur banners, view through the window insite and grab a map or go to www.kunstroutemiddelburg.nl / Kunst van binnen naar buiten.

A couple of my artworks from the series “bugs” are on display during the Kunst en Cultuurroute from sunday 6 december 2020 till 10 januari 2021 at studio Hoed Gezien of Hanny Mallekote, Nadorstweg 38 in Middelburg, The Netherlands

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