Marie-Louise Fijneman

“April in mij. Springtime in me.

Marie-Louise Fijneman Textile Art


My art is about happiness, sparks of light, hope.


I want to make people feel happy and inspired. By referring to the beauty, abundance and power of nature.  Nature which gives people inner peace and connection with themselves and their surroundings.  That’s why I use a lot of color and flowers in my work. They bring happiness, luck and fortune . Not everybody speaks the same language. But the language of colors and flowers is universal.“


Marie-Louise makes mixed media textile collages, 3D woven wall-hangings and textile jewelry. Her work is an ode to the abundance of nature with all her colors, textures and diversity. In her work she is always searching for what is happening just below the surface in her subconscious. By working intuitively and letting her hands do the work and reflecting on this, her Gestalt-Art education emerges and shows her the way in the world.


Her inspiration comes from everything she encounters in nature during her walks or in her garden. Working on her art flowers become symbols of the sparks of light in life, falling leaves show the letting go of securities and inner growth and birds become bringers of spiritual messages and symbolize the inner freedom that every human being has.


By working intuitively inspired by nature Marie-Louise expresses in her art her inner landscape. Her goal is to evoke emotions in the spectator and to inspire to investigate these emotions in relation to one’s own inner world and surroundings, especially nature.


Here you can see an impression of her work.


Marie-Louise makes her art in her workshop April In Mij in Borssele, The Netherlands.


If you are interested in her artworks, please send her  a message.