Marie-Louise Fijneman

April In Mij. A new spring, new beginnings.


This feeling I get every time I start a new work of art. The cycle of the seasons starts all over again.


I make Mixed Media Textile collages full of color and modern embroidery and 3-D woven wallhangings. I love experimenting and combining all kinds of textile techniques and often use fabrics from the past.


Marie-Louise Fijneman Textile Art


I work in series and in my artworks colors, structures and nature are starring.


Besides my Mixed Media Textilecollages and weavings I make bags, designstools, jewellery and sjawls in the same colorful style as my art, in which I combine vintage textiles with a modern design.


Here you can see some of my work.


Besides this I am happy to teach creative workshops and courses in the way in which I like to work myself: intuitively and meditatively. They aim at recovering your unique creative voice and getting in balance more. Less head and more just doing. Taking some time for yourself and dwell on the things that are of real importance to you. Discovering new things. And being amazed by what has come out of your hands unexpectedly!


This I do in my workshop April In Mij in Middelburg, The Netherlands and on location.


If you are interested in my artworks, please send me a message.